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We offer a specialist jewellery repair service taking on projects such as ring alterations, restringing, reknotting, replacements clasps, stone setting and many more. We work in a variety of materials including silver, gold, platinum, plastic, glass and are more than happy to take a look at any job no matter how big or small the project is.

Prices are given when discussed and seen by our inhouse jeweller.

Jewellery Repairs

Further information


For further information, to arrange an appointment or to talk through your repair please call us on 01865 774298, email [email protected] or visit us instore.

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If you have something that is sentimental and precious to you but its just not your style we are able to offer a redeisgn service for you. We will sit down with you and talk through ideas then provide a no obligation quote.

For the simpliest or even more complicated restringing projects we offer a very competitively priced service. All work is carried out on site.

All of our reknotting projects are completed on site with our inhouse jeweller. We use a traditional hand knotting method which is neat and professionally finished.



We are able to resize any ring project you may have from something silver and simple to a project more complicated with stones or inlays.

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Sometimes we know its better to buy a new one but when its sentimental and we love to wear it then a repair is the only answer.

If you have a project that is completely unique, quite problematic and you've already received a 'Sorry that can't be done' we would be happy to take a look and provide a no obligation quote - we have solved the most awkward to problems before!!

How often do you have the smallest little clasp break, jumpring come apart or earring wire loose shape? We are happy to take on the smallest of projects with prices starting at just £3.00.



Our specialist stone setting service can make your stone set jewellery look as good as it did when you first started to wear it. If the stone is loose, fallen out, been damaged or unfortunately lost we can look at the problem see if the setting needs attention and re set back to its former glory.